The new regional fleet

The FS Italiane Group's 2017-2026 Industrial Plan announced a year ago includes commitments to relaunching the regional rail system and developing integrated public mobility services, putting the Government's, and particular the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport's, priorities into action. These commitments have been met with the tenders for new trains to replace 70% of the regional fleet by 2021, guaranteeing commuters new travel experiences in line with their mobility needs.

The renovation of the Trenitalia fleet began with the Swing and Jazz trains, and continues while maintaining highly innovative technical characteristics, especially in terms of safety, accessibility and comfort.

Main features of the Rock train

Photo: The new Rock train

The new Rock train marks a leap into next-generation trains in comparison to the double-decker rolling stock currently in use in Italy, especially in terms of reliability, energy savings and performance. With its entirely Made in Italy look, the new train is made up of 5 wagons, is 136 metres long and 2.8 metres wide and has a total capacity of 656 passengers (top of the range in the industry). It can reach a speed of 160 km/h, with an acceleration of more than 1 m/sec2. Featuring ample space for passengers, it offers unique performance on the market in terms of weight per passenger, transport capacity per unit length, and energy use per passenger kilometre (-30% compared to the latest vehicles circulating in Italy). Lastly, the new regional train offers a range of different interior design and equipment options to meet the diverse needs of the different regions.

Main features of the Pop train

Photo: The new Pop train

Electric, single deck, 3 or 4-car, and equipped with 4 traction engines, the new Pop is part of the Coradia Stream family. It will travel at a maximum speed of 160 km/h, with 20% stronger acceleration than the previous generation, and will carry more than 300 seats in the 4-car and more than 200 in the 3-car version. The train offers an audio-video information and entertainment service with numerous LCD displays and a Wi-Fi network. Larger monitors were included to provide passengers with real-time information on traffic updates, weather conditions and local tourist attractions. Passenger safety is ensured by a digital video surveillance camera system.

Main features of the Jazz train

Photo: The Jazz train

Featuring 4 bogies, about 67 metres long and 2.9 metres wide, the new Jazz train can reach a top speed of 160 km/h. Designed according to new standards of comfort, safety and accessibility, the Jazz train has 194 seats, plus two wheelchair spaces, 14 folding seats and 3 bike racks. The "low floor" carriage doors are the same level as the platform to help passengers step in, while retractable ramps offer easy access even for people with reduced mobility. Jazz offers many on-board services, including: video surveillance system, bright information screens visible from every point of the train, sound system, braille notices, and 220 V power plugs for mobile phones and laptops.

Main features of the Swing train

Photo: The Swing train

Swing is the new Trenitalia diesel train for regional transport. This means a new look even for non-electric regional lines, thanks to a diesel-powered train with comfortable interiors and the utmost excellence in safety, reliability and accessibility. Swing was made in Poland by Pesa to Trenitalia specifications and the most advanced standards of comfort and accessibility, so as to obtain a wide and effective usability of spaces and services. The new train is equipped with two diesel powered cars capable of delivering a power of 390 kW each and two passenger cars, and can reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

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