Infopush: the brand-new Trenitalia app

In line with the strategic objectives presented in the 2017-2026 Industrial Plan, FS Italiane wants its clients to try out a new "travel philosophy", by offering easy-to-use tools to travellers. For example, real-time solutions for journeys, information and suggestions and opportunities to be taken, wherever available.

The aim is to offer a journey planner which is useful from the first stages of planning a trip right through to its end. It is flexible and can incorporate any modifications which have to be made to the initial plans: all in all, it is a travelling companion which is effective and dependable, that knows clients and advises them on what best to do. This is an aim which can be attained thanks to big data and to advanced analytical tools which are linked to the relevant digital platforms.

This means the creation of an Extended Customer Experience, which can enter people’s everyday lives, and which stands out with services such as indoor station mapping, an electronic wallet, delay notification, video chat and social seating, as well as the travel companion.

Digital smart caring

the brand-new Trenitalia Infopush app

This is a revolution in the way of understanding information and assistance which, thanks to digital technologies, becomes intelligent and personalised, to ensure every client can manage their time better.

The new Infopush functions of the free Trenitalia App, which is available on all iOS and Android devices, will provide travellers with what they have always asked for: to be kept regularly and punctually updated on what is happening on the line and the trains that they normally use.

Over the past few months, a trial has meant that passengers on the 6,500 regional trains run every day by Trenitalia have been able to be automatically informed, at the time requested, of their train’s progress. In some regions (Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Veneto, Tuscany and Liguria) the information can also be extended to line conditions, meaning that clients can find out at a time they decide if traffic is interrupted or delayed. With the new App function, from now on every single event that means a delay of over 15 minutes or a halt to traffic relating to the trains that have been selected (clients can monitor up to four) will be immediately flagged, and the reason for the delay given.

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