Safety and Technology

These are key values for Gruppo FS Italiane pursued through the direct and continuous balance among technologies, personnel and organization starting from the actual infrastructural projects to the services provided and the industrial processes, so as to ensure continuous innovation and improvement.

Operational and circulation technologies

The devices and systems for a safe railway circulation currently used on the Italian network are diversified and integrated among each other depending on the characteristics of the lines and the type of traffic managed on the same (passengers or goods; long, medium or short distance).

Safety on the job

Management, personnel, suppliers, contractors are all committed in complying with extremely high safety standards, so as to improve work environments and increase physical, moral and social wellness while working.

Train and station security

Gruppo FS Italiane is strongly committed in a Security programme aimed at guaranteeing the utmost security on trains and at stations, thus protecting travellers and personnel.

Data protection

We guarantee the implementation of the personal data protection regulation by adopting specific measures provided for by law.