Social presence

We use social networks to provide direct, transparent information to keep an open dialogue with our followers

You can follow the @LeFrecce profile on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the special High Speed services, receive the latest news, promotions and special events, ask for directions or offer suggestions to improve the quality of service.

Again on Twitter, we use the @FSNews_it profile to share the latest news, events and travel updates. There is also Infotreno Giubileo TIRegionale, the Trenitalia regional transport profile for Lazio, which was set up for the Jubilee of Mercy to provide real-time information on traffic and to build a relationship with customers.

The latest to be set up is @opentreno, the Twitter account of the blog - sui binari della rete, which talks about trips, the environment, history, technology and people, all with an eye on sustainability.

On YouTube, we offer a selection of the best videos describing trips and the passion of the people who help run thousands of trains every day, along with the history of the High Speed network and projects for new stations: a series of images retraces this all-Italian success story.

You can find us on Flickr to see our trains and staff at work or to discover the new technologies and the history of the railway which united the country and Italians. 

The best photos of our fleet are online, as well as our cutting-edge infrastructure and events organised by the Group.

The pictures keep coming on Pinterest, for both LeFrecce and the FS Italiane Foundation, as well as on Instagram.

Facebook helped lay the groundwork for the creation of the FS Italiane Foundation due to the desire to share the national railway heritage with the widest audience possible: from railway enthusiasts to anyone just a little curious or interested in learning about how rail transport grew from last century to today. 

The profile offers a selection of photos and videos from the Foundation’s multimedia archive: shots taken from the past showing us images of daily life from the early 1900s and documenting how generations of Italians travelled. Along with the priceless multimedia heritage provided, you can find news on events organised by the Foundation: unmissable outings on board period trains that let you follow picturesque Italian provincial lines.

Staying on Facebook, we are also part of the Trenitalia Frecciagoal competition, which lets you win tickets to go and see matches of your favourite TIM Serie A teams (2015/2016 Championships).

FSnews_IT is also on Storify: here, users contribute with their own participation on social networks to recount special events and days organised by the Group.

On Telegram (an instant messaging service), the FSNews channel reports all its updates, while specific information on rail routes is available on the Infotreno channel. 

Finally, the FS Italiane profile is available on LinkedIn featuring important updates and a special area for careers, along with the main companies of the FS Group.