On the 22nd June of 2017 G7 Transportation in Cagliari, the meeting which brings together the leaders of the main industrialized countries, got started.

The President of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, Claudia Cattani, the President of the charity social cooperative Europe Consulting Alessandro Radicchi, together with the councillor on People, Schools and Community Solidarity Laura Baldassarre, today officially opened the "Termini Social Corner".

Infrastructure that is useful and shared, inter-mobility, full exploitation of assets and sustainable development. These are the issues that have been dealt with today during the "Connecting Italy. Strategies and results of a new season of mobility” convention, held in the Great Hall of Rome's Sapienza University.

“Welcome to the creative economy. Connecting Data, People,Things: how to accompany the country's digital, economic, cultural and social transformation.” That is the name of the tenth edition of the Il Forum della Comunicazione e del Digitale.

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