Frecciarossa 1000 for children

FS Italiane wants to get children involved in and enjoy the most ecological engine-driven means of transport. The new Frecciarossa1000 will be at the Explora Museum in Rome from May and then at the MUBA in Milan before arriving at the Città della Scienza in Naples.

Frecciarossa 1000 at the Muba Museum in Milan


The new Trenitalia High Speed Frecciarossa 1000 train arrived at the MUBA, the Children’s Museum in Milan.
For the joy of all children, this exhibition includes an installation with a gauge of a colourful Frecciarossa 1000 filled with surprises, emotions, images, sounds and games to discover and experiment.

Children can browse through drawers containing landscapes, clues and souvenirs and guess the destinations for this new High Speed train, listen to passenger announcements made on journeys and discover the ecological and environmental benefits from travelling by train.

The playful nature of this exhibition is further enriched by free laboratories on the topic of travelling, which will commence in September in the REMIDA MILANO area in the MUBA Children’s Museum (for reservations call 02/43980402).

CartaFRECCIA holders and passengers who travel on Trenitalia HS trains are entitled to a discount of 10 euros for an adult + child ticket for the MUBA: the former are required to show their card and the latter a ticket issued within five days prior to entrance.

Furthermore, all children visiting the MUBA were given a card with a word regarding the topic of travelling at the entrance and the boy featured in the spot drew a selection of words during the inauguration. 

The children who were lucky enough to have one of the words drawn received great prizes: entrance tickets to EXPO 2015, models of the new Frecciarossa 1000 and toy trains. Every child however received a gift “branded” Frecciarossa and when the event finished... snacks for all!

Frecciarossa 1000 at the Explora Museum in Rome

Young visitors to Explora will find a real-life model, in 1:20 scale, of the HS train capable of reaching a top speed of 400km an hour.

This model ensures that the train can be driven remotely, suspended at a height of 2.40 metres above a 50-metre long track. A driver’s cabin (in 1:2 scale) will make anyone taking command a skilled train driver. 

Children will have great fun enabling the pantograph, closing the doors, accelerating and braking the train, which will show images of the journey thanks to two webcams installed in the cabin.

The playful nature of this interactive exhibition is made even better by a touch screen that provides new teaching contents and words to help children understand its meanings.

Families with a CartaFRECCIA or who have travelled on Trenitalia HS trains will get a 10% reduction on tickets for Explora: the former merely need to show their card, whereas the latter need to show a ticket issued no more than five days before their visit.

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