The Audiovisual Archive

The audiovisual archive is an array of documents consisting of more than 600,000 images, including glass plates, digital natives, negatives, slides, prints and more than 6,000 video cassettes including videos and shots. The material which tells the story of the reconstruction through the images of great infrastructural work (network, stations, bridges, viaducts) and the documentation on the railway life and a range of events of the 1950 and 1960s (fast trains, fashion, occurrences, trips made by personalities, etc.) are highly important.

The documentary sources stored at the Library and the Audiovisual Archive were recently included in a unitary protection and valorisation project which, among other things, envisages the creation of an integrated archival pole which, in the future, will include other areas: materials of various type and quality (from collections to volumes, documents to notes, photos to videos) that share the same collection process, strictly linked to the establishment and development of FS. 

The wealth and originality of the materials preserved at the various sites make the railway historical heritage unique and fundamental to understand Italy’s historical, social and economic evolution. The detailed document illustrates the process of collection and storage of the Group’s audiovisual heritage and the current content.

External requests for material are limited to the academic, journalistic and institutional world for purposes of a cultural and scientific nature, subject to assessment by the competent structure.

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