FSItaliane Holding

The FS Italiane Group is the primary transport operator in Italy. Every day around 69 thousand people manage over 8 thousand trains and 250 thousand bus-km. Our transport system carries approximately 830 million passengers and 50 million tons of freight a year on a network of over 16,700 km of railway lines. Of these, around 1,000 are high speed services.

The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, one of the largest groups in the country, creates and manages rail works and services, contributing to developing integrated mobility and logistics in Italy.

The leading passenger transport rail company with an 88% market share, the FS Italiane Group has more than 70,000 employees, running 8,000 trains per day carrying more than 830 million passengers and 50 million tonnes of cargo each year. The rail network extends over more than 16,700 km, of which 1,000 are dedicated to High Speed services.

The company aims to become a 360 degree mobility player, through a process of growth that will take full account of the environment and the territory. It has therefore launched an impressive program of activities designed to considerably expand Italy's infrastructure and provide better and more diversified and sustainable services: new, more comfortable and technologically evolved trains; modern stations that are ever more integrated with the metropolitan area; and rail/road integration.

With the new 2017-2026 Business Plan, the FS Group has taken a new, decisive approach to their ambition to create works and transport services capable of creating long-term value for the community, redefining the sector from an intermodal perspective.

The FS Group doesn't stop at the border. One of the top European rail companies for profitability, the Company exports Made in Italy excellence in developing rail networks all over the world: in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Latin America, US, India and Australia. The main services offered on the international market are engineering, passenger transport and logistics, infrastructure and station management.

100% owned by the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance, the parent company Ferrovie dello Stato SpA controls the companies operating in the various sectors, as well as those set up to provide services and support to Group functions. Each company nonetheless continues to maintain its own specific character and independence in pursuing its own business goals.

Without affecting the legal independence of the subsidiaries, Ferrovie dello Stato SpA performs the typical governance and business functions of a holding company (managing investment, shareholders, etc.). The Parent also sets out the strategic guidelines and oversees the coordination and industrial policies of the operating companies, through a system of Central Directorates.

In 2016, the FS Italiane Group saw the excellent performance of previous years consolidated in this year's outstanding financial results, achieving record profits of 772 million euros.

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