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The FS Italiane Group is the primary transport operator in Italy. Every day around 69 thousand people manage over 8 thousand trains and 250 thousand bus-km. Our transport system carries approximately 830 million passengers and 50 million tons of freight a year on a network of over 16,700 km of railway lines. Of these, around 1,000 are high speed services.

The FS Italiane group provides comprehensive railway transport works and services, while contributing to the development of a significant mobility and logistics project for Italy, always with great respect for the environment and the territory. 

The new high-speed service is of great pride to the company, a true revolution that has significantly changed the personal and work habits of Italians, shortening distances and providing a strong stimulus to the nation’s growth. Frecciarossa1000, the all-Italian supertrains racing across Italian high-speed networks in 2015 (and compatible with travel on other European networks), can reach a maximum speed of 400 km/h and a speed of 350 km/h on the national network, soon connecting Rome and Milan in a mere 2.5 hours (2 hours and 15 minutes between the Tiburtina and Rogoredo stations).

The FS Italiane holding company oversees various subsidiaries focused on specific core-business activities, all European leaders in safety and technological standards.

Trenitalia is one of the first railway operators in Europe. The company manages passenger and freight transport activities by placing customers at the very centre of its operations.

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana serves as the infrastructure manager. The company ensures that the various railway undertakings are provided access to the Italian network, presides over the maintenance and safe circulation of trains in the overall infrastructure, invests in the expansion of new railway lines and installations and oversees the development of system technologies and materials. On the international front, RFI promotes the integration of the Italian infrastructure within the European Railway Network, coordinating activities with other EU countries with a focus on quality standards and marketing of services.

Italferr operates in the railway transport engineering sector, on the Italian and international markets. With the support of highly qualified and specialised staff and a strong engineering tradition, the company is assured a highly strategic role in the modernisation and development of the Italian railway network. Italferr has also established a strong global presence: as well as overseeing and directing Expo 2015 works and initiatives, the company has been awarded important commissions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Africa, Turkey and Switzerland.

Grandi Stazioni and Centostazioni, in which the FS Italiane Group holds a 60% stake, oversee the enhancement, redevelopment and commercial utilisation of the 14 main Italian railway stations and, respectively, of the 103 medium-sized stations distributed across the country.

Busitalia – Sita Nord, a leading provider of road and integrated road/rail public transport services in central/northern Italy, focuses on the development of its services offering, directly or through subsidiaries, various urban and regional connections across Veneto, Tuscany and Umbria.

Additional member companies of the FS Italiane Group include FS Logistica, FS Sistemi Urbani, Fercredit and Ferservizi.

In recent years, the FS Italiane Group has expanded its presence through various acquisitions and partnerships in other major markets, including Germany, France, Holland and North-West Europe.

In Germany, the Group owns TX Logistik, a company offering freight services on the German and European markets, with branches in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden. Netinera Deutschland provides a further operating base in Germany, with a focus on local public transport including both rail and road services. Holding company of seven subsidiaries, which in turn manage an additional 40 enterprises, Netinera is divided into four business areas that operate across the various German regions.

In France, Trenitalia and Veolia Transport have joined forces to establish Thello, a company offering overnight passenger travel between Milan and Paris. Thello is planning to expand its services in the high-speed market, ready to compete in long-distance passenger services. In the freight and cargo transport sector, Trenitalia Cargo, in partnership with Europorte (Eurotunnel Group), has been providing services between France and Italy since 2011.

In order to continue its comprehensive contribution to the country’s development through a substantial mobility and logistics project focused on quality and sustainability, over the next few years the Group's attention will be centred on:

  • greater rail/road modal integration in the context of universal services at the regional level, to be achieved in part through targeted investments, as well as through new partnerships with local public companies or acquisitions;
  • restructuring of the freight/cargo and logistics sector, a key element of the strengthening and development process included in the new Business Plan for 2017;
  • international growth, seizing upon opportunities that, as part of the transport liberalisation process currently underway, present themselves on markets that have only recently opened their doors to competition.


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