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FS Italiane's Stakeholder Engagement Panel

Grafica: immagine che mostra tutti gli stakeholder del Gruppo FS Italiane
FS Italiane organizes, since 2013, an yearly exercise with its main stakeholders aimed at:
  • detecting and understanding what is paramount for stakeholders, regarding the economic, social and environmental impact of the company’s strategic activities;
  • gathering feedbacks, recommendations and concrete proposals that can power the path of improvement in social and environmental responsibility of FS Italiane Group;

On October the 17th 2016, the fourth edition of the FS Italiane’ Stakeholder Engagement Panel was held in Rome.

FS Italiane invited its stakeholders to elaborate specific recommendations on how to improve the Group’s economic, environmental and social sustainable approach.

Five themes were the focus of the 2016 edition, selected through a stakeholder consultation carried out in July 2016.

Tables Themes
Service/ freight mobility The Support for the rail transport
Developing integrated solutions for freight customers
Local public transport Customer experience – towards integrated mobility
Battle tax evasion and avoidance: the new regional ticket
Service quality Assistance of support services to the travelers with reduced mobility and disabled
Potential partnership towards intermobility
Health and safety at work Safety and supply chain
SMS Performance
Training and improvement of services offered to the customer Ensure effective and personalized response to customers
Design innovative training methodologies to support business strategies

The meeting was attended by about 50 stakeholders: representatives of employers, public administrations, research institutes, experts, universities, business associations, consumer groups, professional associations, civil society organizations, specialized press, citizens and internal representatives.

The  output of the meeting were a series of proposal which the FS Group committed to carefully analyze, giving a timely and public feedback by end of February 2017. The feedback will be published online on Stakeholder Engagement.

The progress of the proposals related to the previous editions are also available in the same page.

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